Happy New Year Ladies!!

I hope 2008 finds you with much blessings, peace, contentment and success.

I’m a day late in my “New Year’s Message” so please forgive me. Each year I sit down on December 31st and review my list from the beginning of the year. They are not so much “resolutions” as they are goals that I set for myself. While I didn’t meet every goal (I was short by four) I did add 5 amazing accomplishments in 2007. For that, I feel extremely blessed. I always ask everyone for periodic updates on their progress to their goals. I plan to continue that practice. But this year instead of asking you all to create a list of goals for 2008, I’m asking something different.

Someone asked me “what is your theme for 2008?”. I admit, the question stumped me. My theme had never been given any thought. We all have the usual affirmations we recite and try to follow. But I would say that 2008 is the year to invest in myself. I had a contest recently entitled “Invest in Yourself Career Makeover”. It drew a lot of entrants. As I go through the entries, I see a lot of people who see this contest as a way to have someone “fix” their situation.

For me, fixing your career (business, life, etc) begins with investing in yourself. Whether through reading, education, attending conferences and workshops, finding a mentor, networking, etc, it all begins with you making an investment and a commitment in bettering yourself. You have to architect the foundation from which to build. You may choose to invest in yourself by one, a few or all of the suggestions above. But you and you alone can get it started.

So instead of asking you all to make a list of goals (which you should be doing anyway), I am asking that you all take action. Get involved. Read. Network. Take a class or two. But please, make the commitment then take the action to invest in yourself. Don’t think about it, just do it. Because, “Education + Action = TRUE Empowerment”™.

Have a wonderful 2008 and I expect to see great things for you and from you this year. This is the year of the Empowered Black Woman!

Adrienne Graham
Empower Me!
The Empowered Black Woman™