So 18 million people, excuse me, women, shattered the glass ceiling and Sarah Palin is going to be the first woman through this broken ceiling huh.  OK I don’t generally mix politics with career issues but this has been sticking in my butt since I heard it.  This post is not to promote my personal political views nor an endorsement of any candidate.  Today, I speak purely as an insulted woman.

While I have not been a Hillary Clinton fan, I was very proud of her success in getting a far as she did and fighting as hard as she did to run for the highest office in our country.  I would have been equally as proud of Sarah Palin clinching the nomination for VP had it not been some lame orchestrated attempt to woo Hillary supporters.  This race has turned very ugly and has become a gender war.  I feel this is detrimental to our country, our gender, and this election.  Women are angry that Hillary lost but you know what, it happens and the losing team just has to deal with it.  Instead of being vindictively angry that she lost to *gasp* a man, we need to be focusing on the big picture.  Like Hillary herself said, if you supported her for her ISSUES then you need to keep those ISSUES in mind this election.  Had Hillary won, I would have voted for her even though I do not care for her because I see the bigger picture.

The fact that some women are going gaga over Palin is proof that we, women, inhibit our own progress.  The fact that every time someone opens their mouth to question her or talk about her, women scream sexism.  Come on ladies.  I’m a woman and the most pro-woman person out there I know.  But I don’t give anyone a pass simply because they are a woman (or black, or hispanic, and so on).  I look at the person and what they bring to the table.  As a recruiter, I need to be objective and logical.

What about Condolezza Rice, Elaine Chao, Indra Nooyi, Ann Mulcahy, Meg Whitman, Sheila Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, Micki Siebert, Sandra Day O’Connor and the hundreds of other women who really smashed that glass ceiling to make it possible for Hillary and Sarah to have gotten as far as they have?  What about the women who have triumphantly secured senate seats, CEO spots, and other high level positions?  Are you telling me these women don’t count?  Are you telling me that their accomplishments are now null and void and that because Hillary didn’t win or if the McCain ticket doesn’t win, we women will be set back a hundred years?  Please, spare me.  There is no amount of over explaining anyone can do to convince me that we should mourn as women.  The outrage and blind loyalty to Palin is sickening and scary at best.  I believe that the McCain camp strategically chose her to pacify women and it is scary how many women have flocked to this thought and have moved her to sainthood.  I need you to stop and stop it now.

I am personally insulted for the above named women and true groundbreakers everywhere that “women’s issues” has now been reduced to Hillary and Palin.  I don’t know about you, but I am confident there will one day be a woman president.  The world isn’t as stringently sexist as it used to be.  I didn’t say sexism is completely gone.  I’m saying that we have as a gender come so far.  There are a string of successful women in power positions who can and do make things happen.  I’m saying let’s not “think like girls” and want to cry every time someone does or says something that is construed as sexist.  So what, are we now reduced to being “girls’ and crying every time the big bad world knocks us down?  No.  We keep fighting and swing back harder than the opponent.  When we revert back to pointing fingers and screaming sexism we set ourselves back.  We look like whiners and quite simply a bunch of girls.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fighter not a whiner.  When I encounter sexism, and I do, I don’t go home and cry about it or complain.  I make note then come back swinging hard (figuratively of course).  I have always told my son it is never ok to hit a woman.  However, if a woman tries to physically hurt or kill you, knock her the &^%$ out.  Growing up I was told you try to fight like a man you get beat like a man.  Same rules apply today.  You can’t expect to be taken serious if you are not bold or strong enough to “stomp with the big dogs”.  They have “the old boys network”, so what.  Find a way in or make your own.  They (men) have more high level positions, so what.  Create your own.  Nobody is entitled to anything in this life.  You have to dig deep and fight for what you want.  If you can’t hold your own, get out of the way and make way for someone who can. I don’t believe in two sets of rules for the genders.  I prefer to be judged on my skill not my gender.

These women did not fight and struggle just so we can use sexism as a sheild and an excuse.  It’s an insult to their struggles and success.  So be a woman and be proud.  Stop invoking the double standard and do something about it.  Don’t whine and cry foul, address the issue and stomp it out.  Let’s not give any more ammunition against us.

Be strong.

Adrienne Graham