bootcamp2People with a strong circle of influence are the most successful. Surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time is crucial to professional success! Do you need to amp up your networking strategy?

Networking is usually thought of in one of two situations: when you lose a job and badly need an introduction to power their job search campaign or when you start a business and want to get quick sales. Either way, these are the absolute wrong times to “start” networking. Networking is an ongoing relationship building process that should be cultivated long before you need help. Many women (and men) are afraid to network because they don’t know how, they feel the people they meet won’t benefit them or they simply don’t make the time. The Fearless Networking Boot Camp is designed for the upwardly mobile professional who wants to increase their professional capital and position themselves as a Power Networker.

During this 3 day intensive boot camp you will:

Learn the basics of developing, building, and maintaining a network of professionals that will enhance your job search and professional development.
Reach the correct type of people to network with.
Learn how to speak to anyone, anywhere at any time.
Grow your reputation & industry influence.
Increase your confidence & let go of FEAR.
Build real, solid, substantive relationships.
Showcase your expertise/brand yourself as a subject matter expert.
Choose events, organizations and strategies that align with your goals.
Set an agenda and clarify your goals.
Maximizing social networking while not losing your effectiveness in traditional networking.

Boot Camps are intense three day sessions where attendees not only learn the theory of networking, but also the practical application. Exercises, assignments and partners are assigned to each attendee to practice the material presented in the boot camp. Each participant will receive the Fearless Networking Workbook, a copy of Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers and the required handouts as part of their registration.

Are you ready to transform the way you network? Join my Boot Camp today. Contact me for more information on upcoming boot camps.

Networking Boot Camp- Live Online

9/9 – 9/11/09 6:30 PM – 9 PM EST

Register today. Seats are first come first serve. Must have internet access and phone access to participate.

Cost- $349 per person