Here is a break down of women in top decision making/reporting positions in the Fortune 500.

* Top women legal officers of Fortune 500 companies consists of 75 white/Caucasians (non-Hispanic), 6 African Americans, 2 Hispanics, and 1 Asian Pacific American.

* Only three Hispanic Women made it to this year’s <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women</a>

* Only one African American Woman is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company (preceded by a Caucasion woman who groomed and mentored her for the role)

* Only two Asian Women are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (Indra Nooyi & Andrea Jung)

* No Latinas hold a CEO spot in Fortune 500 companies

* Only <b>15 women</b> period <a href=”; target=”_blank”>hold the CEO spot in Fortune 500 companies</a></i>

We’ve got some work to do!

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Watch Mentoring the Next Women CEOs</a>.