WomenEmpowerHi ladies.

The numbers are increasing, and that’s a good thing. I am so excited by the progress and connections being made. I’d love to see more dialog and growth though. So I propose a contest.

I’m putting together two gift bags to go to the top two winners. All current members can enter the contest. Here are the rules:

* The goal is to increase membership organically and responsibly. Everyone has received the email from me outlining the policies for joining. I will repost them here. You can then copy and send it to women you feel would benefit from and be beneficial to the network. They must be women serious about networking and being a part of an active growing network.

* When you make a referral, ask them to sign up to join on the Linked In group AND on Ning. Have them include a note saying that you referred them. This is the only way you will receive credit for the referral.

* You must be a registered member on the Linked In AND Ning sites.

* Your referrals are not eligible to participate in the contest. Only existing members. (they can catch the next one).

* Go into the Ning site and periodically blog about your experience in recruiting members. Maybe you can share tips with the other members on effective ways to recruit quality members.

* Be mindful of who you refer for membership. Remember, this is your network too. Be sure these are women who will give to AND take from the network. If you wouldn’t ordinarily network with them, do you really think they’ll be a fit? If not, don’t refer them.

* The contest began at 9AM EST this morning, and will last until August 1, 2009 11:59PM EST.

Now on to the goodies. The bags will contain some great items. Among the prizes we have a body set (Luxuriously addictive….in a good way) compliments of Habibi Body, two movie tickets, a copy of my book Go Ahead Talk to Strangers, Agape Nutrition Bars courtesy of Chef Carolyn Akens, Empowered Black Woman t-shirt, Fearless Networking coffee mug, and several other great items.

So, happy recruiting!

Adrienne Graham