ks1114How much of your time does it take to do a kind act for someone else?  Making an introduction, forwarding a resume, passing along a job lead.  These things may seem trivial to you at the time, but you never know how much of an impact it has on the person on the receiving side.  Often I do things without giving much thought to it. It doesn’t cost me anything to pass along a lead. With this economy in such disarray, now more than ever is the time to reach out to others. Nobody is saying you have to give all of your money away or even create jobs for people…although it would be nice.  But taking a moment out of your busy day to help someone else is priceless. It really doesn’t cost you anything.

The other day, I was on the highway and decided to give the toll clerk $5 to pay for the next ten people.  She looked at me like I’m crazy.  I didn’t get to stick around and see how the other people responded. Didn’t have to. My heart felt good.

I asked my Twitter buddies to perform one random act of kindness this week, and if they already had, to share what they had done.  So far I’m loving the responses.  So I challenge you, my blogging buddies to do the same. Giving to others gets you returned blessings ten fold.  Find it in your heart to do something for someone other than yourself.

Adrienne Graham