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Fearless Networking, Without Asking Permission


Author Adrienne Graham will hold a book reading for the newly released Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers on February 7, 2009 at 12Noon EST.  Buck the system and circumvent the Glass Ceiling and the Ol’ Boys Network…without asking or waiting for permission. Learn the ABCs of networking from the woman who personifies networking! Become the networker you were born to be and be fearless doing it.


Atlanta, GA – January 31, 2009 – Author Adrienne Graham will hold a book reading for the newly released Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers- The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fearless Networking. The book  is a guide for women to elevate their networking game and be fearless about it. Networking is a team sport; and if you don’t get in the game, you’ll come up short on your career aspirations. Let’s face it, it’s all in who you know, but also the ACTION you take.


Written by the much sought after Recruitment Consultant and Networking Power Broker, Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers is a practical guide that gives readers key tips and personal networking experiences designed to show that all women can become fearless networkers. Women find it difficult to make time to network because they don’t make the time to fit it in their hectic schedules, or they fear that it won’t benefit them. Most don’t know how to network effectively, so they feel it doesn’t work for them. But with the economy in shambles and jobs (and companies) being obliterated daily, networking allows people to build key relationships they can tap into during their time of need. People are more willing to help people they know and have a relationship with.

“I am a successful Talent Acquisition Consultant and CEO. I am a Networking Power Broker who has mastered traditional and social networking. My Blackberry contains some pretty powerful people I can turn to at any time for advice or just to chat. I wrote the book on Fearless Networking and set the bar for how all women network in the 21st century” says Graham. “This book inspires women to actively build relationships and take “who they know” and turn it into a competitive advantage”.


Graham is hosting a book reading on the web on Saturday, February 7th at noon EST. Women all over the world can tune in to hear passages from the book and will have the opportunity to ask Graham questions about becoming a fearless networker. To get your copy of the book, learn about the author, or register for the book reading, visit