As I sat here this evening trying to figure out what I should say, so many things crossed my mind. I don’t like ending on a bad note, but there was so much that happened this year that cannot ever be forgotten. We lost several major institutions this year along with tons of jobs, housing values, 401K values and in some cases hope. Pretty messed up, huh?

Well, the bad news is that we cannot change the year that was. The good news is it’s over! We get a chance to make a fresh start in a new year. I for one feel very optimistic about 2009. I choose not to dwell on the negative of 2009 because in spite of it all, there were many great experiences in 2008. Onward and upward. I look forward to the new President and his administration. I look forward to climbing out of this financial hole that we dug for ourselves. I look forward to taking advantage of the markets and investing in stocks that I know will rebound. I look forward to the many business opportunities what await me in 2009. Yes, I am very optimistic about this new year.

The year is over in about 20 minutes. Once I count down and ring in that new year, I will leave all of the negative behind me and start fresh. Some people may feel that it’s just another day and that there is no real “do over”. I’m here to tell you there is. It’s all in perspective. Take time to evaluate what you need to do to better yourself. Make this year a year of change. Make things happen this year. Don’t stand in the sidelines, get out and participate in life. Go out and find (or make) opportunities, don’t wait for someone to hand them to you. If you wait, you’ll be waiting a long time.

I know things seem bleak right now to some people. But you have the power to direct your life and to achieve your goals. Bring a passion and desire into 2009 to succeed. I wish you all many blessings, much prosperity and great success in 2009. I will do my part in bringing you information I can to help guide you through your professional journey.

Happy New Year!

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham