sideimg_watch1Hi everyone.

A couple of friends forwarded a link to a story about a couple who has vowed to shop all Black for 2009. It’s called the Ebony Experiment- A friend sent it to me again yesterday and I responded to her that I didn’t think it was feasible- for me. She didn’t respond to my email. Hopefully she will. LOL

Now, I am a proponent of buying black, but I feel it is not feasible for “me”. I’ll tell you why. There are no (to my knowledge) black owned utilities, hospitals, cable or phone companies in Atlanta (or Georgia for that matter) that I know of. The nearest black owned bank (for me) is way downtown with no branches anywhere near me. I live in Alpharetta! Not much Black owned anything up here. There are no local black owned gas stations where I live. Now as far as doctors, dentists, even supermarkets, beauty supplies, mechanics, book stores, bakeries, restaurants, I don’t mind going out of my way. Sometimes I do. As far as business related needs, I can find almost anything/anybody I want to do business with online. I can join a black investment bank to manage my portfolio. But are there any black owned software companies that can provide me with an applicant tracking system for my business? What about a black equivalent of MS Office, Adobe, Macromedia? What about a black Google? Is there a black owned postal service? Is there a black airline I can use for my travel needs? What about a black owned blackberry-like service?

I’m not being funny. I’m trying to look at this from a logical standpoint. We can dramatically shift the way we live and do business by buying “mostly black”. But I don’t believe there is a way to live “totally black”. Do we quit our jobs and work for only black owned companies? Do we fire all our non-black clients and only work with black clients? I mean how does this work? My son has one semester to go in high school. Do I pull him out now and put him in a black school to finish out? Yes he can choose to go to a black college, but is there a black FAFSA to fill out financial aid forms, what about a black NCAA clearinghouse? I’ve seriously thought about all of this.

My point is I want to support black business. But when are we going to make strides in major arenas so that we have the option to buy black in every arena? We have a black president and for that I am proud and grateful. But will this push our people to seriously step into those arenas or cause us to feel we’ve arrived and our work is done?

I’d like to get everyone’s perspective on this. How do you think this experiment will work for the Andersons?

Til next time.

Adrienne Grahamsideimg_watch