So a few weeks back I made a post about Forbes recently launched Forbes Life Executive Woman Magazine.  There has been mixed reaction over the magazine and a debate as to whether or not it’s even necessary.  Well I received my new issue today and let me tell you, I am pleasantly surprised.  I don’t see the new issue online just yet, but I provided the link above so you can look and judge for yourself.

The last issue didn’t sit well with be because it came across as too “girly”. I was not happy with the issue at all and felt they were slipping into Vogue mode.  Not only is this issue bigger (more pages) and has better written articles that mean something to me, there is a woman of color on the cover!  I think they heard me! 🙂  It seems like Forbes has listened to the complaints and are trying to up their game.  It still doesn’t have the bite that Forbes has, but it is trying.  As I said, I’ll give it a chance for the next few issues.  If they stay on this path, I predict great things for the magazine.  If you do not subscribe to Forbes, I recommend that you do so you can get the FLEW magazine.  Only Forbes subscribers receive it and it isn’t available on the news stands.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham
an Executive Power Woman