But to hear (or rather see) You Tube tell it, we don’t.  As I was conducting a search on some potential video to add to my blog I did a search for “professional black women”.  This is the results link.  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=professional+black+women&search_type=&aq=4&oq=professional+bl

Please, by all means, take a look.  I looked through each results page and could not find one single video celebrating, showcasing, or positively speaking about the professional black woman.  This angered me.  Is it that there isn’t anyone submitting quality videos?  Is it that main stream (internet) media isn’t ready to portray that image?  Is it because a person can get more hits by submitting derogatory videos (aka baby momma, video vixens, black women with attitude, men spewing hate of attitudish black women)?  For all that we positively contribute to the world, we still don’t get recognized unless it’s in a CNN documentary.  And even then at best it’s always hand in hand with a sob story.  We can’t catch a break.

I happen to know there are tons of black women out there doing great things in the business and corporate world.  Why are these achievements only noted in black awards ceremonies and company newsletters (if we’re lucky).  Now let me be clear, there are media outlets that do look out for us.  But they are few and far between.  Unless you are succeeding a white woman or a man, or you’re Oprah or you’re Dr. Rice or part of the Rutgers women’s basketball team, you will be hard pressed to find an article in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Inc, Fast Company, etc.  In my years of reading these publications, I cannot recall sisters being written about.  If they have, the piece was so small or insignificant that it escapes my memory.

And now, even on YouTube, we cannot find any decent examples.  I have found a very small number of videos but believe me, it was like treasure hunting in the arctic with only a spoon and a match.  So what do we do about it?  I don’t have the answer to that.  But I can make suggestions.

Take control of our own exposure.  Submit our own content.  Celebrate and share newsworthy experiences and successes.  Go to the editors and writers of major publications and demand representation outside of Oprah and Dr. Rice.  They are not the only black women in the universe doing great things.  Take local exposure and turn it into national or even international exposure.  Why is it we are only celebrated in Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony?  We should be celebrated everywhere.  Stop letting guys and how should I say this, chickenheads, determine how the world views us. It is no longer enough to say “that doesn’t represent me so I’m not concerned”.  You SHOULD be concerned.

Hold on now.  We own some of the blame too.  If we don’t speak out and set guidelines, we won’t be heard.  Anytime a video vixen can get international press over a sister who has made it to a high level ranking position, something is really wrong.  We allow others to create our image as a whole.  Speak up.  Be heard, be seen.

I’m done ranting now.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham