As I browsed the newspapers at my local Barnes & Noble, I had to do a double check and make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. Right there, in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, on the front page, in big letters read: Bank of America Launches Telecommuting Program. I let out a hardly stifled “It’s about time!!!”.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you would know I am an advocate of remote work/telecommuting. Especially in a time when gas and cost of living prices are on the rise, I have been shouting to the roof top about the virtues of virtual work. Bank of America has heard the masses. The program is called “My Work” and it calls for employees to voluntarily stay at home to work. Yeah, like that’s going to be tough sell! It’s not for just any employee. The employee has to be qualified (as well they should) and not necessary to have face to face contact with clients (ie; Tellers, Back Office Operators, etc). (I have my opinions on that but I’ll share later). B of A employees participating in the program will be asked to forfeit their cubicle and office space. The program was initiated in 2004 but hadn’t received much emphasis until now. To date, 5,500 of their 157,000 employees are enrolled in the program and a majority of them were in the Charlotte market (where the company is headquartered). Well they’ve introduced it to the Atlanta market and as many as 1,000 employees were invited to participate in My Work but only 172 have elected to participate. Shame on the rest of them!

I hope, no I pray, that other employers will follow suit with B of A’s lead. Let’s not only look at the cost of living, but taking advantage of technology gives companies a clear advantage in this global economy. I have to give B of A a “Hues Seal of Approval”. Yes, they are still embroiled in the financial crisis threatening to cripple our economy. But implementing telework can work to their advantage to save them in the end. B of A’s stock may be garbage right now, but they are alright with me!

You can read the story here for more details.

Til Next Time,

Adrienne Graham