For quite some time, I have been talking about a global economy, global diversity, and preparing myself to compete in this global society. While working on the translations of my company’s new website, I’ve been learning a lot. I learned how having multi-lingual staff is as vitally important as having your website and other marketing material properly translated! ¡Qué usted no sabe puede lastímele! (I hope I said that right!)

Over the last few months, I’ve been diligently restructuring my company and strategically growing my staff to include bilingual and multilingual individuals. (More on that another time). If I am serious about remaining competitive and truly focusing on global diversity, I need to not only learn foreign languages myself, but also surround myself with a multilingual team. I will be unveiling a new Candidate Center on the website that will include the ability to learn new languages as part of professional development. I am very excited about this.

How are you remaining competitive? Are you truly exploring the global landscape? Push yourself to excel and learn another language. Whether you take a formal class at the local college, buy audio tapes, enroll in immersion courses or find online tutorials, it is in your best interest to become at least bilingual. Now, if you are only looking for work here at home in the US market in positions that don’t require multiple languages, then you need to decide if you want to make the effort to learn. But I guarantee you that if you want to remain competitive (read: BANKABLE) in the global markets, you must LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! Your career may depend on it if international projects are in your future. At minimum, you should be learning basic conversational *insert language here*.

Fino alla volta prossima.

Adrienne Graham