Here is the schedule for the upcoming Lunchtime Strategies Webinars:

May 8, 2008- Linking In to Linked In- $39-

The web offers tons of opportunities to establish yourself and make solid connections. Join us to discuss how to make Linked In an effective tool in your networking, finding business leads and job search.

May 22, 2008- Get Recruited!- $39

Recruiters are getting more and more tech savvy and are turning to not only traditional search, but also social media and the internet. Learn how to position yourself to get recruited, instead of searching for a job. What better way to learn than from a Recruiter herself!

June 5, 2008- Brand Me- Rules for Building a Successful Brand- $39-

There ie no more important brand than the brand called YOU. Your reputation is the basis for your personal brand. If you don’t take action to define it now, someone else will do it for you. Learn what it takes to discover your brand mantra, cultivate your image and create a solid brand that identifies with excellence.

June 19, 2008- Negotiating- Her Seat At The Table- $39

Women often leave a lot at the bargaining table because they don’t have the skills to negotiate. Learn to participate in decision making from a place of knowledge, not fear, ignorance or habit.

Additional information can be found at If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham