Ladies, I’ve been in “career mode” lately.  I’ve been neglecting my entrepreneurial sisters!

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing.  I myself have had several business ventures in the past and currently running two to date.  My first business was a recruitment firm (surprise, surprise), then I had a part time catering business, a part time adult toy business (yes, my momma knew! lol), a virtual support business and an online eBay business.  Currently I run my recruitment consulting & career management firm as well as Empower Me.  I am very proud of both.  Empower Me! celebrates its 10th year, while Hues Consulting & Management, Inc was officially launched a little over a year ago.  Both are thriving.  HCM actually came about after several years of contracting.  I have plans for a Shoe store in a year. Multiple streams of income.

We live in the land of entrepreneurial opportunities.  Every day tons of people, especially Black Women are starting businesses at record rates.  Some successful, some not so successful.  The one thing that stands out above all else is that not everyone is cut out to be entrepreneurial.

I love to see my sisters succeed.  Part of the reason I started Empower Me! was to give us a forum to learn and grow. I look back to the days where we had no choice but to start our own businesses.  Madame CJ Walker is my idol.  For that time period, her entrepreneurial prowess was phenomenal.  She paved the way for Lisa Price (Carol’s Daughter), Janice Bryant Howroyd (Act 1 Personnel), Oprah Winfrey (Harpo) and the like.  And yes, even me too!  I’ve always been a free spirit, an entrepreneurial type.  My parents never understood it. They wanted me to settle down and get that 9-5 and stay until I retire. That’s not me.  Ever since I could read Black Enterprise, I wanted my own business.  From selling brownies to girl scout cookies to icees in the summer time.  I was always a mogul in the making.

Ladies, if you have that entrepreneurial spirit, don’t hinder it.  Explore it.  Don’t let a job or a steady paycheck keep you from trying.  It can be the most gratifying experience of your life.  It takes dedication, patience and perseverance.  But it’s a game that you have to come strong in or don’t come at all.  We also have the responsibility of raising our children to follow their entrepreneurial passions.  My parents tried to stifle that in me.  I rebelled.  I cultivate that in my own son.  I have great faith that he will turn out to be a phenomenal entrepreneur.  He has the best MBA training program ever. Mom’s Business Accumen.

What’s your passion?  What’s your dream business idea?  Stop dreaming and start doing.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham