Many times, women will go into an interview process without properly knowing their worth. The common gut reaction is to find out what the salary is and make up your mind to accept whatever is offered just to get a foot in the door. We do ourselves a disservice when we don’t take the time to know the market, understand the norms and ask for what we are worth. We leave a lot of money, perks and benefits on the table when we don’t understand the process.

I will be hosting a webinar on Salary Negotiation called “Negotiating Savvy for the Empowered Black Woman”. It s a 90 minute webinar that will be held to open more women up to the power of negotiation. Everything is negotiable, when you do it at the right time. “Seating” is limited to 100 attendees and it is first come first serve. More details to follow about this webinar. In the meantime, figure out your appropriate salary by using this Salary Calculator.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham
“The Empowered Black Woman” TM