As many know, I am a Recruiter by trade. I am bound ethically to keep it diverse and select the best talent possible for the positions I recruit for. But my first stop, being who I am, is to look for strong, Black, intelligent women to begin my search for the perfect candidate. Being the voice and face of Empower Me obligates me to look at us first.

I am not often surprised or shocked by anything when it comes to my sisters. I generally find those shining stars that are talented and can kick ass in an interview. But every now and then I run across some things that either hurt my heart or just pisses me off. Yesterday I had one of those “piss me off” moments.

I called a young lady to do a phone interview to gauge if she was appropriately qualified for a position I’m working on. Well, there were some phone issues (no sure if it was on her end or mines) but when I dialed, it didn’t ring. I tried twice to no avail. So I moved on and decided to call her home number. Well as I was about to dial, I received an incoming call from said woman asking “did you just call me and hang up on me twice?”. I was surprised by the call because 1) I don’t play phone games, and 2) the number was not a number I dialed. So I answered “well I don’t know, who is this?” She replied “YOU called ME. Look, don’t call my number again!” and she hung up just as I was trying to ask her what the number was so I can clarify if I did ot not.

I was pissed. I did not call her back to try and explain. It would have been pointless as she already had an attitude. So I gathered myself (the old me would have called and cussed her out) and said you know what, I’ll try her again tomorrow. Now ordinarily, I would keep it moving and let it be her loss that she would not be considered for a job SHE obviously applied for. But the humanitarian in me can’t. I can’t do that to another sister. However, I will bring to her attention that her actions almost cost her an opportunity.

We (Black Women) get such a bad rap for a lot of things. I for one, am trying to dispel many of those rumors. But some of you make it extremely hard for me! I am not saying change who you are. NEVER change who you are as that is your core. But there are ways to refine yourself. Attitude goes a long way in this world. Anyone who wants to get ahead in life and have a drama free existence should be aware of how they are portraying themselves to the outside world. I am a strong and confident Black Woman, but I don’t need to be loud or attitudish to get that point across. There is a time and place for everything. If some of us can reach back and mentor and give back from when these women are young, the world would be a lot better and the image of Black Women would be stronger.

I propose this: Each one teach one reach one. Each and everyone of us (myself included) needs to reach back to another sister and serve as a mentor. Why? Because you are not only helping, but you are also learning a lot about yourself in the process. Anyone who says they know all they need to know or who is unwilling to continue striving for more, is deluding themselves. So let this be your project of the month. Find a sister you feel could use some mentoring. Reach out to her. Give your time to help her out. Let me know how it goes.

Oh, as for my candidate, she was to be interviewed for a SERVICE position. Wow.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham
Empower Me!
“The Empowered Black Woman”