Oh my goodness. I’m going to break this down into three posts because there is so much to tell you!

I have returned from the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in California, and let me tell you. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had no idea what to expect going (this was my first time) and didn’t go with any preconceived notions. I went with an open mind and I was impressed, humbled, overjoyed and honored to be in the presence of such wonderful and powerful women. Black Enterprise outdid themselves. I made so many wonderful connections and some new friends. I admit, I was cringing at the price when I was debating on whether or not to attend. But I can honestly say it was worth every penny. I will be going next year without a doubt.

I arrived late because of airport/luggage issues, so I was unable to attend the shopping excursion. From what I was told, it was great. Macy’s sponsored it and the women who went received a lovely gift bag and some fabulous discounts. When I arrived on Wednesday, I registered and was given a gift bag (which is an understatement). It was a laptop case filled with some wonderful items given by several of the sponsoring companies. I also received a few other items. Let’s just say returning home was a pain with all of the stuff I got! LOL Because I was late, I missed the networking session that was hosted by Debra Langford (Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing Talent Management at Time Warner). I heard this event was fabulous and that they were able to do some serious networking. I heard Debra turned it out (in a good way). I am so sorry I missed out on that! But I did have the opportunity to meet with Debra later that evening. We chatted and exchanged business cards. I will definitely be keeping in touch with her, as she was very approachable and down to earth. I went to check in to my hotel and came back for the Welcome Cocktail Reception. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t moved so I only stayed about 30 minutes and went back to the hotel. That evening was the Women of Power Legacy Awards Dinner. I missed out on that because I was too tired. I heard it was great. Award recipients included Ruby Dee, Dorothy Height, Nikki Giovanni and Ann Fudge. I hate that I missed it but I was really tired. My body was still on east coast time. Next year I am going to be sure to come in a day early so I don’t miss anything. I could kick myself for flying in the day of. But lesson learned. I missed out on a few things such as the Golf and Tennis clinics, the Executive Coaching Sessions, and the Entrepreneur Masters Class. But that’s ok. The events I did attend, I had a phenomenal time.