February 21, 2008- Get Recruited!- $39-

Recruiters are getting more and more tech savvy and are turning to not
only traditional search, but also social media and the internet. Learn
how to position yourself to get recruited, instead of searching for a
job. What better way to learn than from a Recruiter herself! $39 for
non-network members, free for network members.


Book Club

2/23/08- Book Club Meeting 12 noon (EST). Book of the month: Our
Separate Ways- Black & White Women & the Struggle for Professional
Identity by Ella J. Edmondson-Bell & Stella Nkomo



2/28/08- Project Me! 7PM – 9PM (EST)

Are you doing what you love? Are you doing
what you always dreamed you would? Take a moment and
honestly answer these questions. If you are content
with your current career and chosen path, then this
workshop isn’t for you. If you are happy existing in
a “job to pay the bills”, this isn’t for you

Establishing yourself as an individual is
challenging enough, but taking the steps to do what truly
makes you happy can be extremely overwhelming. Taking
control of your professional life is a major shift in
your career direction that can create important gains
in your life. If forces you to step out of the norm and
examine who you are and what you truly desire. Transitioning,
as some call it, is not an easy thing to accept. Are you
tough enough? How badly do you want it? Take this workshop
and find out!

Topics covered:

* Understanding Who You Are
* Making Your Own Opportunities
* Embracing Change & Shifting
* Branding & Positioning Yourself
for Success
* Developing The Self Business Plan
* Networking & Self Marketing
* Building Your Career Portfolio
* Peer Reviews & Perceptions
* Learning to Get Out of Your Own

Who Should Attend:

Women at professional crossroads; Women wanting
to take their career to higher levels; Women in
career transition; Women considering a career change;
Women looking to better position and market themselves
for success.